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Ggg – 09 June 2016 :

The best doctor in Calgary. Caring, great humor and knowledgable.
If it wasn't for him I would be dead.
I was with another doctor for 8 years and never could find the treatment and Dr pour-ahmadi gave me what I needed.
Couldn't be happier

tam – 07 May 2016 :

Dr Pour-ahmadi makes you feel like you are his friend. The way he treats me and the way he listens to me makes me feel good. I have so much good to say about him and without him I don't know what I would do. I wish more physicians would be like him. He is down to earth, funny and professional. He has cared for me and given me great health. I really thank him for what he has done and don't know what I would do without him. An excellent physician that is unique.

Janet – 14 February 2016 :

He is so generous and kind. Very professional and great sense of humor.
So far no concerns with his medical knowledge as they have been correct and he has helped me tremendously.
The best doctor in town in my opinion.
Very busy doctor and I think that shows why everyone wants to see him.
Truly one of a kind.

Shanon – 30 June 2015 :

He is so caring and helpful. Very genuine, great doctor and very knowledgable.
But his best asset is his character of being very caring.

Alex – 27 September 2014 :

He is one of a kind doctor who in my view is exceptional, caring and a personable doctor.
Is very hard to find this type of a physician in Calgary these days.
Very knowledgeable and provided me great treatment.

Gisel – 30 July 2014 :

I met this doctor about a month ago, and from what I have read on the reviews it is all true and correct. He is caring, funny, personable and makes you feel like a friend, instead of a patient. He has helped me alot and I have been grateful for his help. He has alot of patients waiting for him since everyone in the clinic only wants to see him. I have seen the other doctors in the clinic and don't like any of them since they don't know what they are doing. Dr Pour-ahmadi is amazing and is dedicated to his work and treats you well. Glad to have found a doctor who really cares about his patients.

SJp – 16 June 2014 :

I usually don't post any reviews, but I wanted to do this since this might be my last posting since I have terminal cancer. Dr. Pour-ahmadi has been so supportive throughout my diagnosis and I can't thank him enough for it. He recently has supported me through my chemotherapy and has called me even at the hospital. I don't know of any other doctor who has ever done or would ever provide this type of care. I truly appreciate what he has done and wanted him to know that he is one of the best doctors I have ever met. His patients are truly lucky to have such a caring doctor. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me. Thank you Dr. Pour-ahmadi for your dedication and commitment to the care you have provided me.

victoria – 07 May 2014 :

An amazing doctor for certain. There is so much good I can say about him. When you first meet him he makes you feel like his friend and there is no estrangement at all. He is caring, professional and has great knowledge. There is a bit of wait since it appears that he has many people who want to see him, and I don't blame them since he is worth the wait. Absolutely the best!

Pbl – 28 April 2014 :

Hands down this doctor is the best. He treats me well, and I'm very comfortable with him. My entire family loves him and I don't mind waiting to see him since lately I can see that everyone only wants to see him in this clinic. Truly the best!

TJO – 05 April 2014 :

I like this doc. He is so good with people and what I like about him is that he never charges me for any doctors notes. Every other doctor that I have gone to in the past have charged me and this doc never does and other people have told me the same. We need more docs like him. He is sincere, great doc and amazing !!!

Rene – 09 February 2014 :

Good doctor, caring and very respectful. If it wasn't for him I probably would have been dead. He found the cancer and I had visited many other doctors who didn't want to do any studies. Lucky to have found him and because of him I'm now stable. I highly recommend him, best doctor in town.

Juan – 26 November 2013 :

This Dr. is amazing. He cares so much and everytime I'm at the clinic it seems everyone is there to see him. I don't mind waiting since at times he is a bit behind, but it does not bother me at all since he has been right on with my problems and I'm feeling much better now. The best Dr. in Calgary in my view.

Dave – 05 September 2013 :

I'm very pleased with this doctor. Helpful, precise and great communicator. Happy with his services and from what I'm reading and seeing at the clinic it seems everyone is very happy with him. He definitely has a great sense of humor and very knowledgeable.

Beatrice – 12 July 2013 :

I met Dr. Pour-ahmadi recently and very happy with his services. I feel he will go the extra mile to help his patients as he has done this for our family. He is very knowledgable and we feel great everytime we meet with him. The best doctor we have found.

Lori – 05 June 2013 :

I just met this doctor and felt so good in meeting him since he is really easy going who really cares and provided great care. I have seen several doctors over the past 10 years in Calgary, but he is really caring and has diagnosed me really well with the problems that I have bothered me over the past 2 years. I will definitely continue to see him.

Sonia – 17 April 2013 :

Dr. Pour-ahmadi is caring, funny and very professional. He is very dedicated, since he made a home phone calls to see how my children were doing after he provided treatment. Thanks to him we are all doing well and I have complete trust in him. We are truly blessed and lucky to have found him. Very happy.

Matthew – 10 December 2012 :

He is such a genuine, down to earth doctor. I could not believe when he actually called me at my home to see how I was doing. In the past 30 years I have never experienced any doctor to care or to bother calling me at home. He is one of a kind and could not have found a better doctor. He is very unique and a wonderful caring person.

Nicole – 04 December 2012 :

He is such a great doctor and individual. He is so caring and so attentive to what you say. He takes his time and is not those type of doctors who does a 30 second assessment. He truly takes his time with you. He is one of a kind and the best I have seen. And yes he does have a great sense of humor and makes me laugh every time I go there.

Gill – 02 October 2012 :

I have been trying to find a family doctor for years who truly cares and finally found someone who cares and actually listens. He is funny and has great knowledge. He explains everything to me in detail and lets me choose and understand my treatment. I'm lucky to have found him.

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