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Evan1991 – 09 October 2013 :

I saw Dr. Knash recently following a seizure a few months ago, and I couldn't have been more pleased with him. I had never had a seizure before, and after getting an EEG and CT scan, I was referred to him for a consultation. He was very pleasant, respectful and knew exactly what we wanted to know. My father accompanied me to the appointment, and Dr. Knash continually encouraged us to ask whatever questions we could possibly think of. He was very warm and friendly, yet retained an extremely professional disposition. Both me and my father were talking about how satisfied we were with him after leaving the appointment. The appointment was scheduled for 4pm, and we arrived about 1/2 an hour early. We were taken to the waiting room, and he came in to see us at about 3:40 pm; He didn't even make us wait for the allotted time, he came as soon as he was available. He was very helpful and enthusiastic about answering out questions, and he made it quite obvious that he wanted to see me through the next few years of anti-seizure medication with regular checkups, blood tests, and assured us that he would take care of arranging an MRI. I couldn't be more pleased with him! An excellent and professional Neurologist, and a source of relief during a worrisome period for myself and my family!

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