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Tleblanc – 03 September 2017 :

Dr. El Sayad went above and beyond to figure out what my daughter had. Several doctors kept telling me my 4 month old had a cold and to give her nothing but I knew it was more. Dr. El Sayad listened to my concerns and turns out even though my daughter was vaccinated that she caught Whooping Cough. She arranged with the children's hospital to have a room ready for her and we got her the care she needed. If it wasn't for her I don't know what would have happened, no other doctors believed me when I knew it was something more than a cold. Very thankful that she is our pediatrician.

Meganbaugh – 06 August 2013 :

I have never seen a doctor take the time to really try to get to the bottom of the problem and follow up as Dr Elsayed did with us. Best doctor I have seen in Edmonton in 12 years! Can't believe we found her at a medi center. Thanks for taking the extra time with my son Dr!!!

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