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Bobby – 17 February 2014 :

To whom it may concern, I would like to provide feedback with a recent experience I had. I have had a mole for some time but it had recently changed. I went to my GP, Dr.M.Derakhshan and she referred me to The Institute for Skin Advancement. This particular clinic does not require an appointment for urgent cases. It is drop in from the hours of 0800-1100. I went to the clinic the next morning after seeing my GP. I was welcomed in, asked to fill out a brief form and Dr.Devani came to the waiting room and introduced himself. I was taken to a treatment room where the mole was examined then removed. I was requested to return in 3 weeks for the results. This whole process took maybe 7 minutes. This is access to healthcare. I am grateful for innovative doctors who attempt to problem solve with our crippled healthcare system. I recall that specialist were similarly available in a drop in fashion at the the Calgary General Hospital many years ago.

bob (jordan) – 05 December 2013 :

I was referred to dr.devani after an accident falling out of bed and lacerating my ear requiring 16 stitches and followed by a strange recurring painful lump which was diagnosed as skin camcer. after two visits he succesfully treated this problem- guess i don't have to go back especially since i'm snowed in out here!! bob j.

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