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pheonyx – 10 December 2016 :

Dr. Chrenek is the ONLY doctor in my entire life who I have any faith in and can trust. There aren't words to express how greatful I am. He deserves a medal. I have a long list of experience with doctors who have done nothing or caused me harm, Dr. Chrenek is the only one who has done anything to help me. Currently, my physical health is fading and general practitioners continue to fail and deny me, Dr. Chrenek, my Psychiatrist is the only person willing to help. He is my hero

Mish – 27 June 2013 :

Dr. Carson Chrenek is presently caring for my adult daughter. Our family and my daughter feel so lucky and grateful to have him as her psychiatrist . He is so thorough in narrowing down the correct diagnosis and treatment. He is so caring and compassionate with his patients and family members. He has from the get go kept me informed of her care and values my input. He has made such a difficult situation for all of us so much easier to deal with. We have complete confidence in his care. I have been a RN for over 38 years and have had the privilege to work with some great doctors. Dr. Chrenek is a fabulous doctor and the ,Misericordia Hospital is so lucky to have him on staff.

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