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Brent Val – 30 May 2022 :

I'm so thankful to Dr. Keriem and his team. Without his help, I would've been stuck in my room, just crying. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You couldn't imagine how you changed my life. I'm so grateful.

G. Sydney – 20 May 2022 :

I am currently experiencing a midlife crisis. I thought I could do it alone but I was wrong. Thankfully, Dr. Keriem was there to help me at my lowest. I feel I can trust him.

Marlin Bieker – 27 April 2022 :

I wasn't sure if going to a psychiatrist would help me feel better. I just really needed someone to talk to and get this heaviness off my mind. Dr. Mohammed was all ears, and it wasn't hard for me to open up. He also convinced me to get checked regularly. Professionalism is top-notch.

Au W. – 19 April 2022 :

I am a single mother of two teenagers, and there were instances in my life when I wanted to surrender. I felt like I was exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally. I didn't know I needed help until a friend referred me to Dr. Abdel-Keriem. I'm glad I heeded her advice. I am now under Dr. Abdel-Keriem's care, and everything is starting to change.

Yong Foulks – 14 April 2022 :

Been dealing with a lot lately, like school and social life. Almost every night, I have a mental breakdown. I couldn't eat, and I couldn't function. My mom insisted on going to Dr. Keriem's clinic to seek help. Today was my first visit to his clinic, and I felt understood and reassured. I will be attending the next appointment.

JEROMY GLAZE – 25 March 2022 :

I was dealing with a lot of personal problems and started breaking down and my mental health deteriorated. I haven't previously been to a therapist, Dr. Keriem was the first. He has been a great help to me.

Roland. F. – 17 March 2022 :

I find that I trust Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Keriem more than other people. He made me feel safe and secure. I really trust him with my mental health. Thank you so much, Dr. Keriem, for everything.

JERRY RISH – 11 March 2022 :

I had my appointment with Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Keriem. I saw that he is extremely knowledgeable, keeps up on the latest research and answers my questions with transparency. I could also feel that he really cares for his patients.

M Mcquiston – 24 February 2022 :

I have a bizarre sleeping pattern and I am anorexic. Everybody noticed my disorder except me, and I didn't turn a blind eye to it, I just really didn't notice. I've decided to go to Dr. Mohamed Abdel-keriem for some help, and he was terrific. I'm currently under his care, and I see his professionalism and knowledge. The best thing is he really cares for his patients.

Victor M. – 18 February 2022 :

This is my first time writing a review. I really loved Dr. Mohamed's unlimited support, and he was my most extensive help with my disorder and life in general. Thank you very much!!

Jerrod Shriver – 14 February 2022 :

I am happy and content now. I was a great student growing up, but life's stress began eating at me and I suffered depression. I am now under Dr. Keriem's treatment and always attending his counsel. I'm trying to get back on track step by step.

Josef Hundley – 24 January 2022 :

All I needed was someone to talk to. The stress of living was too much for me. Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Keriem has shown me the importance of living. Every day is a struggle but also, everyday is a reward. Through Dr. Keriem’s help, I’m coping and slowly overcoming my mental health issues.

Nicky F. – 19 January 2022 :

The death of my parents scarred my whole personality. The trauma of them dying always reoccurs in my mind. Some people say that I am overly dramatic with the event but Dr. Mohamed was different. He understands me and empathizes with me. For that, I am thankful. I am now in the process of healing.

Terrell A. – 14 January 2022 :

Mental health isn't really visible with the naked eye. My best friend is very energetic, loving and caring. I went with her for a checkup with Dr. Keriem and I was surprised to learn that she has depression. I would like to thank Dr. Keriem for promising to help her, his efforts are very much appreciated.

EDWARD CRAY – 21 December 2021 :

Dr. Mohamed is a great help with the well-being of my family. We come to Dr. Mohamed for family consultation and for individual consultations. We as a family are very grateful to Dr. Mohamed. He’s a good person inside and out of his profession.

Ben P. – 15 December 2021 :

My perspective of psychiatric help was always just a waste of money. I thought that I would pay a good amount of money for something I can fix by myself. Turns out I was very wrong! Mental health plays a huge role in one's entirety. Dr. Abdel-Keriem has explained to me what mental health can do to a person. I'm very thankful for having gotten his help.

Billie – 10 December 2021 :

I was very uncomfortable talking to my parents about my mental health. They treated it as a nuisance. I needed someone to understand me and my feelings and Dr. Keriem was the only one who could. But with his help, he made my parents realize how important mental health is. I'm now taking meds for my depression and I also have my parents’ support now. Thank you so much!

M. Getter – 19 November 2021 :

I am having struggles with sleeping. I've tried scent diffusers, candles and even chamomile tea every night. This wasn't normal and I decided to consult with a doctor for help and I found Dr. Mohamed Keriem, My treatment is not finished but I feel much better already.

Joyce – 16 November 2021 :

I have a son with ADHD and for me it's really not an issue. With the visit with Dr. Keriem I learned more about how to handle and deal with my son. I thank him for all his help, truly!

Jan V. – 12 November 2021 :

Life is not easy when you are dealing with depression. Dr. Mohamed helped me throughout my battle and I deeply appreciate it. He has been very supportive and caring with patients like me. I am so thankful to him.

Earl Cooper – 19 October 2021 :

I had been experiencing early stages of depression. I didn't notice it beforehand, I started noticing it when my friends pointed it out. I told my mom about it and with no hesitation booked an appointment with Dr. Mohamed Keriem. Thank you, my first experience will always be memorable.

Therene Smith – 14 October 2021 :

Dr. Mohamed is very informative and enlightening. I had to go to him for treatments with my past childhood traumas. I honestly feel better every time I visit.

HARVEY – 08 October 2021 :

I visited Dr Mohamed Abdel-Keriem because of my very irregular sleeping patterns. Was diagnosed with transient insomnia and luckily it's still in its early stage. I'm currently receiving treatments from him.

Elisha Aucoln – 22 September 2021 :

Dr. Mohamed Keriem is very accommodating and welcoming. Thank you for a nice session.

Shane – 16 September 2021 :

Mom has always been forgetful but it's different the last few months. It isn't just forgetfulness, her mood changes so fast. We agreed to visit Dr. Keriem after days of convincing. She was diagnosed with hypoactive delirium. We now have to take greater care of her. Thank you Dr. Keriem for tending us.

Rob Hutchens – 13 September 2021 :

I have insomnia and a very weird sleeping pattern. I think it started when I was still in college. I went to Dr. Mohamed hoping to somehow fix this thing I have. Dr. Keriem is helping me, it may not be fast but it is developing. Thank you so much!

Marl Bieker – 16 July 2021 :

The staff and nurses of Dr. Keriem are very welcoming. So glad and thankful to be in his care.

Leonard P. – 12 July 2021 :

I am receiving treatment from Dr. Mohammed and everything is going smoothly. I think that my mental health is improving. Thank you!

Marcelino G – 09 July 2021 :

I've been visiting Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Kerim for quite some time now. I've never had a better psychiatrist Than Dr. Abdel-Keriem. He is highly informed and caring, and he pays attention to what you have to say. He is the best.

Sarah Schimmel – 17 June 2021 :

I've been visiting Dr. Mohammed's clinic for a year now and everything is going well. He continues to give consistent care for me and all his patients. Thank you so much.

Jomer Rolfson – 14 June 2021 :

Getting an appointment with Doctor Mohammed's clinic is easy. Also, the staff was extremely nice to me, Thank you, you guys are wonderful.

Maris Beulah – 10 June 2021 :

I have anger issues and I have impulsive personality but with Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Keriem's help, I started to manage it. So thankful for him.

Van Slagle – 17 May 2021 :

Thank you. I am very happy with the help I received. Sometimes, it's best not to carry your burden by yourself and the people here have helped me a lot. God bless!

Kassandra Fahey – 10 May 2021 :

His staff is very welcoming and warm. My 1st visit was great. Dr. Abdel-Keriem was so nice and he was very willing to listen. I felt his sincere concern with my wellbeing. 5/5 stars. Thankyou!

D. Quitzon – 07 May 2021 :

Me and my wife are still in the counseling with Dr. Keriem. We lost our baby because of a miscarriage and it was hard for us most especially for my wife which leads to her depression. But now, I can see improvements in her and I am so thankful.

Kai – 19 April 2021 :

Getting an appointment with dr keriem is easy and hassle-free. I love talking with him, he was just very wholesome, and it's like a breath of fresh air to me. I really loved my consultation with him!

Johnny Wade – 14 April 2021 :

The clinic has a nice vibe. I didn't feel any pressure when I was there. It was somewhat comforting especially during my sessions with Dr. Keriem. Will come back for my scheduled consultations. Thank you!

Adriene McCormick – 09 April 2021 :

Dr Mohammed keriem is an amazing doctor. I had extreme temper issues and went to many psychiatrists and no one really made sense to me. Everyone was telling me the same old thing. I wanted something fresh, something new. Dr. Keriem gave exactly what I needed; he is wise and very knowledgeable, as well as understanding.

Micael Garcia – 22 March 2021 :

I just want to thank him for all his help with my daughter's condition. Our family will always be grateful to this wonderful doctor.

Irish Weems – 18 March 2021 :

I am so glad to know Dr. Abdel-Keriem. He's a good doctor and a nice person, too.

Elise Z – 12 March 2021 :

I have bipolar disorder and it was hard accepting it. Dr Keriem helped me realize that once I accept it, that's when the therapy starts. Through medications and therapy, i feel that I'm getting better everyday.

J Rolfson – 04 March 2021 :

I highly recommend Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Keriem. He is such a nice person and a very professional and skillful psychiatrist.

JP Maggio – 28 February 2021 :

I didn't want to go to a psychiatrist. I kept on denying that I needed one. But my perspective changed when I met Dr. Keriem and it was one of the best things that happened to me. I thank him for all his help.

C Amac – 25 February 2021 :

Dr. Abdel-Keriem always deals with sincere care which I appreciate so much about him.

D Biggins – 25 January 2021 :

He is such an amazing psychiatrist. His sincerity to help shows and very visible. You could feel that someone really cares.

Hannah Few – 20 January 2021 :

I can't thank Dr. Keriem enough for all his help. He has done so much for me. The hopeless and worthless me has gone and I am starting to build my life and follow my dreams. And Dr. Abdel-Keriem has been a great part of it.

Isaac Ley – 13 January 2021 :

Our family will always be thankful to Dr. Abdel-Keriem for all his effort to make my mom back to her old self again after she lost my dad in an accident. It was a devastating experience for all of us but my mom was the most affected that she needed professional help. Dr. Keriem has been very supportive and encouraging to all of us especially my mom who's now back to normal. We love seeing her smile. Thank you, Dr.

Julius Mizell – 23 December 2020 :

Ever since I was a kid I was scared of being alone. I always needed backup in everything. I wanted something for a change, I voluntarily went to Dr. Keriem's clinic and got myself checked-up kinda-sorta have post-traumatic experience and got myself fixed. Dr. Keriem was with me every step of the way. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Carol Taylor – 18 December 2020 :

I have attempted to commit suicide before. My family noticed that I was acting differently (I didn't realize it before.) They forced me to visit a doctor and I met Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Keriem. He explained thoroughly what I am experiencing at that moment. I am so much grateful for the love and support of my family and also Dr. Keriem's help.

Daph Wilson – 14 December 2020 :

I've been attending psychotherapies from Dr Keriem and I feel better about myself, I learned how to be proud of myself and be more courageous with my actions. I love myself more because of him.

Nikki Peterson – 17 November 2020 :

I never realized that my son was already suffering from depression until he tried to commit suicide. Only until then that sought Dr. Mohamed Keriem's help. I learned a lot from him and been aware of mental health issues. My son is undergoing sessions and I could see his progress.

Trevor Cronin – 13 November 2020 :

It may only be his profession and work but for us whose lives were changed through Dr. Keriem's help, he is a blessing. And we will be forever grateful to him.

Edgar Bessy – 09 November 2020 :

After going through a tragedy, my sister suffered from a mental health issue. It was so hard for me to see her like that. So, no words can express my gratitude to Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Keriem for doing everything to restore my sister's condition and bring back the smile on her face. Those were difficult times for us but now, we can all move on. Thank you very much!

Cheyenne O'kon – 20 October 2020 :

I'm so thankful to Dr. Abdel-Keriem for everything that he did to help my sister, for his kindness, patience, dedication and skills as a good psychiatrist. He's amazing.

Laika Mason – 17 October 2020 :

Dr. Keriem is very professional, warm and gentle. He obviously shows care by the way he handles and talks to his patients.

Paola Serra – 14 October 2020 :

I always accompany my brother to Dr. Mohamed Keriem for his appointments. I've seen his desire to help him in every way possible. He's such a nice doctor and a nice person, too.

Shanna Brakus – 29 September 2020 :

He's such a good listener and very gentle. I also see a good person in him aside from being a good psychiatrist.

Marisela Kirschner – 18 September 2020 :

Been bringing my son to Dr. Mohamed Keriem for his sessions for quite some time and I could see progress within the first few meetings. I know he's in good hands because I see how he cares for his patients. looking forward to the day that my child will be fully better.

BONNIE TISDALE – 16 September 2020 :

How could I ever thank Dr. Keriem for all his help to me? I'm what I am today because of him. Thank you is not enough for an excellent psychiatrist like him.

JESSY DAC – 26 August 2020 :

Dr. Mohamed Keriem's professionalism, competency and sincerity makes him a trustworthy psychiatrist and highly recommendable.

Randy Quarles – 19 August 2020 :

He's a very good psychiatrist who has a heart for his patients, very warm and understands their needs.

ESTHER – 17 August 2020 :

What Dr. Keriem did to help our son back to his normal and healthy life was something our family couldn't forget and we will always find ourselves thankful to him. He is the best.

Sanne Wynants – 16 July 2020 :

Dr Abdel Keriem is a really great psychiatrist who can quickly drill down to the heart of the problem, and offer potential solutions. He cares about his patients, and is very responsive. I highly recommend him.

Frank Groller – 15 July 2020 :

Dr Abdel Keriem straight forward and efficient. He's excellent at checking in on problems mentioned over time and allows the patient to participate in care.

Kendall Charley – 29 June 2020 :

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem is someone who can never lose track of his primary assignment. On every treatment, Dr. Mohamed will make sure patients are getting the best of him.

Glenn Jeffery – 27 June 2020 :

He is the best person with the ability to change people’s life. A great psychiatrist

Antonio Francis – 26 June 2020 :

Dr. Mohammed Abdel Keriem extremely helpful & caring. I would be very happy forever. I will recommend him to others.

Paige Kimora – 22 May 2020 :

This was the best experience I have had at Dr. Keriem. I was treated very well and was not expecting recovery so fast. I will definitely be back.

Haleigh Montoya – 21 May 2020 :

Thank you for the outstanding care, the friendly staff, attention to detail, quality of work, and patience of staff with people.

Tucker Jessie – 20 May 2020 :

Five stars all around for me. From the friendliness of the staff to the comfort of the office, everything was perfect.

Ashlyn Ember – 15 April 2020 :

Because of his consoling treatment, I’m getting better now. Your services are much needed sir.

Aliyah Aisha – 12 April 2020 :

Dr. Keriem brings positive hope in my life. I’m very much thankful to him. I have gained lots of hopes.

Bennett Brendon – 19 March 2020 :

Dr. Keriem treated the patients with ultimate care. His communication is so promising and comforting. I felt him more as a well wisher and I could share my thoughts to him without any second thought. His advices meant a lot to me. Thanks a lot for your wonderful service.

Ivan Kody – 18 March 2020 :

Dr. Keriem is such a gentle psychiatrist. I am very much satisfied by his treatment. I would like to thank him for providing me valuable consultation. Highly recommended.

Liliana Cara – 17 March 2020 :

My family appreciates Dr. Keriem for bringing a change in me. He was helpful in resolving my mental problems. Thank you Dr. Keriem for bringing a hope in me.

Livia Archer – 17 February 2020 :

I was under supervision of Dr. Keriem for past few months and all I could say is he changed my life positively. I could experience a lot of difference in my attitude. I am so lucky to find Dr. Keriem. Thanks doctor.

Brady Tomas – 15 February 2020 :

Dr. Keriem shaped my mind to think positively. He helped me a lot. I got a huge respect on him. Thanks a lot doctor.

Daniela Kailee – 12 February 2020 :

Dr. Keriem treated my mother with great care. She had an excellent experience. The treatment helped her to gain mental strength. Highly recommended.

Savannah Nancy – 14 January 2020 :

I will recommend Dr. Abdul Keriem, to anyone who needs counseling. He will surely guide you and surpass dark part in your life.

Conner Stanley – 13 January 2020 :

Dr. Keriem’s services are highly recommended. He is a very friendly type and understands patient’s problems and provides good advice and ways to overcome it. He is a good observer.

Kai Jefferson – 10 January 2020 :

I’m working in financial department. Initially, the job and its work nature were fine. All of a sudden, I felt mental disturbances due to the work stress. So I searched for a good psychiatrist. My colleagues suggested me about Dr. Keriem. I took consultation with Dr. Keriem for few weeks and I can feel good difference. Thank you doctor.

Xander Leonard – 09 January 2020 :

My wife suffered from serious depression and we are in urge to search for a good mental health advisor – a psychiatrist. We found Dr. Keriem. The treatment is very promising. My wife is happily recovering now.

Juliette Knapp – 17 December 2019 :

From the beginning till the end, the treatment is very good. I’m getting better now. Your services are needed sir.

Alan Giovanny – 13 December 2019 :

I was suffered from mental illness and depression. But not anymore. I would like to thank Dr. Keriem for providing me such a wonderful treatment. He had provided me counseling for past few years and I could see positive changes in me. I can feel the improvement in my mind set. Thank you so much sir. Your services are highly recommended.

Erick Elisha – 11 December 2019 :

Dr. Keriem is such a gentleman. I am very much satisfied by his treatment. I would like to thank him for providing me valuable advices and qualified consultation. This will surely bring positivity my life.

Hope Christine – 20 November 2019 :

I’m currently undergoing treatment from Dr. Keriem. The treatment is going well. I can feel the improvement in my mind set. Thank you so much sir. Your services are highly recommended.

Steven Layton – 19 November 2019 :

Dr. Keriem is such professional. I will surely recommend him to all of my friends and family members. The way he dealt the patient is true and with utmost care. Keep up the good work sir.

Brett Dean – 18 November 2019 :

Dr. Keriem is such a wonderful soul. He is a good listener. The way he treated the patients are too good. The way he communicates is so soothing and comforting. Thanks a lot for your wonderful service.

Theodore Branson – 28 October 2019 :

My friend suggested me to go to Dr. Keriem. Thankful to my friend, that he provided me a good suggestion. He diagnosed me very well and provides me a quality consultation.

Collin Santino – 26 October 2019 :

I will recommend Dr. Keriem to all my friends. His way of handling patients is unique and different in a positive way.

Braylon Rudy – 25 October 2019 :

Dr. Keriem is such a friendly doctor. Whenever I spoke to him, I didn’t get a feeling of talking to a doctor. I get a feeling that I’m speaking with my dear friend. He has really got good patience skills.

Micah Jeffery – 28 September 2019 :

Dr. Keriem’s services are highly recommended. He is very talented that he analyzed patient’s mentality and proceeded accordingly. He accurately diagnosed me. Moreover, the treatment is affordable. He got such a listening skill.

Myles Jairo – 27 September 2019 :

Dr. Keriem is very professional and caring. He understands patient’s mind set and provided the treatment appropriately.

Erick Elisha – 24 September 2019 :

I will recommend Dr. Abdul Keriem, who is in depression. He will surely help you, as he helped me. He is such a lovable person. I got admired that, he is working with one patient at a time. His treatment is too good.

Alexis Winston – 29 August 2019 :

Extreme Professionalism. The concern towards patient made me feel comfortable. His extreme care made me to trust him completely. I could feel my positive changes and developed self-confidence. I would definitely recommend Dr. Keriem to all who are suffering from mental illness.

Aidan Harper – 24 August 2019 :

I am a depression patient for over 1 year. I took many doctors, but of no help. Dr. Mohammed Abdel Keriem treated my without medication and the results were outstanding. Much thanks to him.

Hudson Jonathon – 22 August 2019 :

I always love going here, the anxiety is lower key as I have always had issues with visiting the Psychiatrists, but not here. Thanks!

Nicholas Conor – 25 July 2019 :

As is always the case, everybody was wonderful in my recent appointment. They are always so friendly and caring. I have been coming here for decades (literally), and would not want to go anywhere else.

Skyler Dyer – 19 July 2019 :

I appreciate the kindness and professionalism. I would highly recommend to family and friends.

Kade Sampson – 18 July 2019 :

Thank you for the excellent care, the caring staff, attention to detail, quality of work, and patience of staff with people.

Knapp R – 28 June 2019 :

As is always the case, everybody was wonderful in my recent appointment. They are always so friendly and caring. I have been coming here for decades (literally), and would not want to go anywhere else.

Olive Wright – 27 June 2019 :

Five stars all around for me. From the friendliness of the staff to the comfort of the office, everything was perfect.

Kathryn Alayah – 22 June 2019 :

Excellent Doctor, very thorough and caring. I'm terribly afraid of the Psychiatrist and he is very friendly and goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. I had very pleasant experience with Dr Keriem and his staff. I highly recommend Dr Keriem.

Stephen Draven – 22 June 2019 :

This was the best experience I have had at Dr. Keriem. I was treated very well and was not expecting recovery so fast. I will definitely be back.

Griffin Alexzander – 12 June 2019 :

Dr. Mohammed helped in learning the ways to handle depression. I am a software engineer, and my earnings are well beyond the national average. But my family life was not happy, just because I used to burst out for anything and everything. This person helped me overcome my depression, and I’m now a happy person.

Stephen Draven – 12 June 2019 :

No matter how much I ever earn, but Dr. Mohammed Abdel Keriem will be my godfather. I learned to lead a smooth life, and I could start coping with everyone after I started getting consultation with him. Thanks a lot Dr.Keriem.

Isabel Johnson – 09 May 2019 :

I took my daughter to him for treatment. Dr. Mohamed read her mind carefully and found her mind block. She used to be moody and too reserved. But she can grasp way better than the kids of her age. After a few sessions with him, we could see the difference clearly. She started interacting with everyone gradually. Now she is normal, and she won a quiz competition in her school. I’m grateful to Mr. Mohamed. Thanks a lot to your doctor.

Cristina Paul – 04 May 2019 :

He is not just a doctor, but he is also a friend of mine now. I will recommend anyone who needs help in terms of psychic disorders.

Reinier Kok – 17 April 2019 :

My friend recommended Dr. Mohammed Abdel Keriem to me when I wanted help to cure my anger issues. The insights, advice, and medication paired with some changes in my lifestyle helped me manage my anger issues.

Caroline Kasper – 10 April 2019 :

To be frank and honest, I don’t remember my past. But all I do remember is the sessions with Dr. Keriem. He is a great person; I wish I can make him understand my gratitude and thanks. If you have any of your friends or family with psychic disorders, you can confidently approach Dr. Keriem. He is the best in the whole world. (At least to me).

Lulia Gabriel – 01 April 2019 :

Dr. Keriem is a genius in my opinion. I was hopeless and scared, and the social anxiety ate away my confidence completely. My parents took me to a psychiatrist, but I could not come out of the anxiety anytime soon. The experience added depression to my already fierce social anxiety. Dr. Mohammed Keriem is a great doctor who helped me handle my everyday fear and anxiety issues.

Andrea Branderhorst – 18 March 2019 :

I had enjoyed my session with Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem. He is one of the friendliest psychiatrists I have ever met. I did not feel and hesitation while talking to him.

Mieke de Vries – 14 March 2019 :

I can never thank Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem for what he did to me. I was a girl with low confidence and he helped me in going through this situation.

Daniel Nap – 08 March 2019 :

After meeting him I know my life goals and I know what to achieve and how to get to my aim. Thank you Dr. Keriem for everything.

Maarten Debets – 02 March 2019 :

My treatment held under Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem. He is a very cheerful person. He likes to talk to his patients. I am really happy with him. Thank you doctor!

Iris Heugen – 20 February 2019 :

Thanks to Dr. Mohamed I was able to get myself together and pursue my career after his professional treatment. He is such a great doctor; he knows what is doing.

Peter Oosterhuis – 02 February 2019 :

Dr. is jovial approachable. In the few days we related, he related with me as though we had met before and this gave me great joy. I will love to learn under your feet once more.

Lonneke Engelen – 28 January 2019 :

Dr. Mohamed is one of the few old hands that have tortured the younger generation on the act of medical evaluation. Meeting Dr. Abdel was one of the best things to have happened to my career.

Michelle Heida – 26 January 2019 :

I was privileged to have worked with Professor Mohammed Abdel as a team member in one of the numerous health surveys he has attended, and I was wowed by the level of knowledge possessed by him. Dr. Mohammed was friendly to all team members, even while being professional. Thanks, Prof, I will love to work with you again.

Arnout van Linde – 24 January 2019 :

I have been a patient of depression for over two years. I took many anti-depressants for this, but of no help. My doctor was professional and thorough and also helped with me and the results were outstanding. Much thanks!!

Luis Rivera – 18 December 2018 :

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem is a reliable medical evaluator, and he has a straight track record at all his workstations. I highly recommend his services.

Lahsen Frayma – 15 December 2018 :

Having worked with him as a colleague for over two years, he offers high quality services, and I would recommend anyone needs related services to him.

Eric Spain – 12 December 2018 :

Dr. Mohamed is a great psychiatrist and a medical evaluator I have experienced his services, and I can say that he is a great professional.

Jaqueline Santos – 19 November 2018 :

His services are excellent, and when he takes a job, he sees to it that it is completed and it is done perfectly I highly recommend him for evaluation services.

Louis Ramirez – 12 November 2018 :

Having been my psychiatrist, he gave support that no other doctor has even given me he saw me overcome grief and mental problems I am thankful for his services.

Parlo Ignac – 03 November 2018 :

I sorted his services when I had a mental disorder, and I required a psychiatrist my friend recommended him to me and his services helped me overcome the mental distress that I was going through.

Kevin Chung – 29 October 2018 :

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Keriem medical evaluations are accurate I once had him assess our client, and the results were accurate, and beyond doubt, I highly recommend his services.

Leonardo Leo – 23 October 2018 :

Dr. Mohammed is an awesome man and I am glad to have him. He makes sure my tests are done in the least possible time without so much delay.

Adolfo Lopez – 01 October 2018 :

My sister required an IME which Dr. Mohamed was able to do for us in no extra time. Kudos to him!

Elias Fagundes – 17 September 2018 :

After an accident that affected my ankle, I was required to do some exams and Dr. Mohamed was recommended and he didn't disappoint.

Patrick Oyen – 04 September 2018 :

It was obvious that this doctor knew his job. Dr. Mohamed was able to explain my results to me in the way I could understand.

Destiny Raven – 24 August 2018 :

My mum is such a handful when she has to see a doctor for any reason. On this occasion, she was required to run some tests and Dr. Mohamed was in charge. I was surprised at how fast they made conversations. He is good!

James Fleming – 15 August 2018 :

Dr. Mohamed is an amazing man. He is quite good with kids. My son broke his leg while doing what he knows how to do best-jump! Dr. Mohamed was able to get him to stay still while he carried out exams on him.

Mickey Minato – 04 August 2018 :

We were requested to carry out ADR exams in our hospital to enable us know first-hand what drugs and food do not go down well with us. Myself and my wife were a little lost, but Dr. Mohammed enlightened us about it all while the exams were being done.

Chris Mirell – 26 July 2018 :

Daddy needed a Return-to-work Evaluation as he had been terribly I'll previously. Dr. Mohammed made sure that everything was done right and the results made ready for documentation.

Morgan Smith – 21 July 2018 :

On reacting to an anti-inflammatory drug, I used for pain to my surprise, I wanted to know what another drug could do that to me. Dr. Mohammed made me do the ADR exams and now I know just what to avoid.

Jenny King – 12 July 2018 :

I don't like anyone else given me my results when Dr. Mohammed isn't around because he takes his time to explain them to me.

Eliene Oliveira – 21 June 2018 :

Dr. Mohammed is definitely a professional with so much knowledge. He is also nice and knows how to attend to elderly patients. Good one!

Marin Violeta – 15 June 2018 :

Dad had been talking gibberish this morning and as unusual as it seemed, we took him to the hospital and Dr. Mohammed was able to deduce what the problem was, which the test results later confirmed!

Linda Turner – 11 June 2018 :

The best in his field as he proved himself when he took his time to explain the results from mum's examinations. Even I was able to understand it in the end.

Sofia Rivero – 31 May 2018 :

I haven’t been to many Doctors but I must say that Dr. Mohammed Abdel Keriem was extraordinary. He is professional about is work, but yet shows empathy. We needed to know the extent of damage to Dads’ legs after the accident and he was the doctor recommended to us. He was a tremendous help.

Tony Bones – 21 May 2018 :

Dr. Mohammed Abdel Keriem is the best in the field. I needed my Dads’ psychological exams done and he was available, prompt and friendly. He also took time to make sure I understood what the results said.

Rita Ferreira – 26 April 2018 :

I have met Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem only once and my first impression about him is all I can read in his reviews. He is just spectacular. I’ll look forward to our next session Doc.

Bryan Obrien – 03 April 2018 :

My wife and I have since stopped having issues since Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem walked into our lives. Thanks a lot, Doc!

Jennifer Stout – 23 March 2018 :

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem’s relationship with his fellow colleagues is excellent. I like that because that gives me more insight into the type of person my Doctor is. We have done Doc.

Aaron Bartlett – 15 March 2018 :

A highly qualified Doctor. Not just in the books, but practice in itself. I salute you Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem. Please keep it up and your limit will go beyond the sky.

Mike Russell – 17 February 2018 :

I owe my business success story to Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem. Now, I refer my coworkers and colleagues to him.

Jimmy Gray – 06 February 2018 :

Very affordable charges and top quality service. May God continue to bless you Doctor.

Kyra Crumpton – 17 January 2018 :

I clearly frustrated Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem in a particular session and he was so calm and gentle with me. He didn’t get annoyed. I got home pondering how a man can be like that.

Amy Paterson – 08 January 2018 :

I am a regular patient of Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem and he once never for addressed me or my issue rudely. He always has the best words and advice for everything. I appreciate you, Doctor.

Miranda Norris – 22 December 2017 :

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem is my first choice of Psychiatrists. He is brilliant, empathetic, and humorous and treats his patients to satisfy. I have experienced it. A couple of my friends that I have recommended have. Thanks Doc!

Karla Holt – 19 December 2017 :

I have had no issues with Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem he is a very simple man who attends to me like family. He doesn’t make me feel different or inferior. When I ask flimsy questions, he answers in a very honorable manner. I recommend him.

Martha Scott – 24 November 2017 :

I thank Dr. Keriem for being such an understanding doctor. He empathized with my situation.

Damien Hicks – 22 November 2017 :

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Keriem is one of the rare doctors that will give you all the time you need to explain your situation without interrupting you. He is exceptional.

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